Our Story

Thanks for checking out No Scent! My name’s Mike Austin. With more than 40yrs hunting experience I’ve been “busted” more times than I can count. The problem was always my scent!

I didn’t like the idea of spraying heavy metals (silver & copper) or harsh chemicals on me and my cloths.  So I contacted the top scent elimination laboratory in the world and asked them to create a product that targets and eliminates human odor.

After nearly one year of research and testing we had “No Scent.

No Scent uses specifically designed, bio-friendly (non GMO) enzymes formulated to identity, encapsulate all human malodor at the molecular level – thus preventing any scent molecules from becoming air-born.

Today, our No Scent team of biochemists, master formulators, and hunters just like you is proud to offer the most advanced scent elimination product available.” – Mike Austin

Now you can beat the nose and Hunt Undetected!

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