Steven Schwartz

Age: 30 | Country: South Africa

Hunting is my passion. If I could I would walk eat and sleep hunting… I started hunting at the age of 8 years old. And over the years lived and learned what I know today. My Father played a huge roll in getting me to where I am today with my hunting Career and think it’s important to never forget the people that helped get you to where you are.

 Day job: I’m the Owner and Founder of Dezyn Worx Multimedia. We specialize in videography video production and web design for anything and everything outdoors!!

Hunting Carreer:

I love outdoor sports anything from wake boarding, motocross, 4x4ing, shooting, archery and HUNTING HUNTING HUNTING!! To me hunting is about so much more than just the “kill” it’s about having the privilege to be in nature and the greater outdoors, just by being out there I see and experience things that I will remember for ever, I’m a strong believer on ethics over everything and respect to the game that I peruse.

Favourite form of hunting: I would have to say hands down spot and stalk whether it be bow or rifle, the thrill of knowing you have to do 110% right to be successful and the animal 10% wrong makes the odds a lot more difficult, that being said…. The end result of the hunt is ALWAYS alot more rewarding.

Accosiated brands:

  • Magnum Archery / Hoyt South Africa
  • No Scent Technologies LLC, USA
  • Treezyn Camo
  • Wild Coolers
  • Nkwazi Safaris
  • Dezyn Worx
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